This is the real good stuff. I've been writing songs with listeners for years now and it's always amazing. We all have a story to tell, and I'm gonna help you tell it. 

How it works:
When you order, I'll work with you to get the details on the story you want to tell, and/or the feeling you want to convey. Maybe you're going through a hard time and want a song telling yourself how strong you are, maybe you've got a special someone or family member you want feeling loved (or hated!), maybe you just wanna tell your neighbor that you'd like to get down bang bang; whatever it is you want your song to be about, we'll work together to get your story right. After that, I'll get to work writing the lyrics and melody, and recording that bad boy for you. Full band, mixed and mastered, the whole schmagoigle. 

What you'll get:
An MP3 and High Quality WAV file of your song

An MP3 and High Quality WAV file of the instrumental version of your song (karaoke!)
Handwritten Lyrics of your song sent in the physical mail

BONUS Acoustic video performance and MP3 download of acoustic performance

Something special which will last more than a lifetime


Write Me A Song