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The Slow Drag’s lyrics envelop the listener in the nostalgia of familiar moments with easily digestible phrasing, hooky melodies, and eclectic arrangements which can be loosely categorized as American Rock’n Roll, and enjoyed by fans of 60s pop-sensibility, 70s Classic Rock highway driving guitars, 80s Fun and 90s Broody Rock.

Along with his live shows and daily interactive livestream broadcasts, The Slow Drag also hosts a weekly online concert series highlighting local and touring independent artists.



Broken Arrow - The Slow Drag
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Beat of My Heart - The Slow Drag
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Assassin - The Slow Drag
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This One - The Slow Drag
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Photograph (Acoustic) - The Slow Drag
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Not Like I Was (Acoustic) - The Slow Drag
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Too Hungry (Acoustic) - The Slow Drag
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Beat of My Heart (Acoustic) - Unknown Artist
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Dope Tunage Vol. 1 (2019) 

Bare Bones (Acoustic) (2019)

Soft Sides (Acoustic) (2018)

The Slow Drag (2017)



The Slow Drag (2016)

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“His stylistic flourishes pummel the senses like a midsummer’s thunderstorm, complete with golfball-sized hail.”
- Jason Scott, B-sides & Badlands

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“Listeners will have an easy time giving into the urge to get up and dance when “Shake” comes on, and the trade-off between the track’s lead vocals and backing harmonies will have them singing along with their friends just the same”
- Gerard Longo, Underground Music Collective

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“[The Slow Drag] was super relaxed, he invited people up on stage, people were dancing and drinking and everyone was having was just really cool. It was like you were with a group of friends that you had known for years. [He] did an amazing job.”

"[The Slow Drag] puts a lot into what he's doing...[he] does a really great job of working his ass off and being super thankful for the people that support him."
-Edith Liera, EverythingEdith, ELM Photography

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“After songs are written, Austin James’s method of getting them out into the world is far from conventional, pioneering Facebook Live Video: playing his songs, and building a fan community.”
- Clara, Pop of Colour

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Daily interactive Musical Broadcasts:

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The Slow Drag Has A Podcast, Too



Jenna Rose 

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Austin James

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