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Dope Tunage Vol. 1

is here

Y’all! It’s an exciting time for The Slow Drag and The Riot Squad! After two EPs, an acoustic record, and several singles, it’s time to put The Slow Drag’s debut full-length album “Dope Tunage Vol. 1” into the world!


I spent almost a year choosing, arranging, recording and mixing 12 songs and I’m pumped to get them out into the world, and LITERALLY into your hands. 


Thank you so much for visiting the page and supporting The Slow Drag. I’m pumped to share this music with you, both through your speakers and in person.


$5 - Digital Download

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

For $5 you will get a download of the album and a digital copy of the liner notes.

Order below!


$20 - cd and Sticker

GET THE GOODS! Hold 'em in your hands!

For $20 you will get:

• A copy of "Dope Tunage Vol. 1"

• Commemorative DTV1 Sticker

• Digital download with digital liner notes

Order below!

Thanks for the love and support!

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