"...GREAT show! He is an incredibly talented power pop [artist]...writes touching, sometimes funny but always catchy songs and laughs a lot. It was a VERY enjoyable show."

— Rick LeBlanc, Words And Music

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The Slow Drag (East Nashville, TN)

American Rock ’n Roll

"[My] music is meant to be an expression of who I was when I started playing music and how that resonates with who I am today" says Austin James, sole member of The Slow Drag. “As an artist, I want the songs of The Slow Drag to be able to stand on their own, with the lyrical style being the connecting thread, rather than the instrumentation.”


A lust for hedonism and a hunger for transcendence. A celebration of liberated sexuality and the desire for intimate connection. A cynical disdain for complacency and the daydream of finding one’s place in the world. These are thematically woven throughout lyrics sung over musical arrangements reminiscent of classic American genres ranging from motown to punk.


Currently one of the few musicians pioneering the Live Broadcast movement, The Slow Drag cut his broadcasting teeth as a Partner on the popular broadcasting app YouNow where his broadcasts were viewed by over 50k people per month. Currently, you can catch The Slow Drag's live broadcasts on Facebook Live, YouNow, and Twitch. When he's not writing, recording, or performing, The Slow Drag interviews independent, blue-collar musicians on his podcast, "The Slow Drag Has a Podcast, Too." 

Over the course of his career, Austin has toured the world and shared stages with internationally known acts such as Xibit, Beck, and The Veronicas, won awards for songwriting, and had several songs places in TV and Film, including "Grace is Gone (Dir. Clint Eastwood) and ABC's "Jane By Design"

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